Marbella, where the sun never hides

Marbella is a climatic fortress located at the occidental side of the Sun Coast. Always is perfect to have sunny holidays. Is a mixing between classic and modern, is a cosmopolitan city full of life. Marbella is made to daily people and night people, there is a plan for all. Walking through the old town, any visitor can be lost between white buildings with blue roofs, and always enjoy it.

The town is worldwide known because Puerto Banus, the most exclusive luxury and confort zone of Spain, where the “Gold Mile” is located. It is a port area approached by renowned fashion firms, luxury yachts, powerful men and women and endless visitors who are going to toast her skins every year.

Marbella have 320 sunny days oer year and a spectcular average temperature of 19ºC. This is due to a micro-clima. Is a city clothed by the mountains and the sea. The winters are soft and shinnings, the summers are hot but with the perfect blend of heat and moisture.