Barcelona, an amazing city

Barcelona is a city full of magic, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and full of plans waiting to do it. It is one of the mains worldwide capitals, the streets are cosmopolitans, the nights never ends, and when the sun is shining, it turns to paradise. The weather of Barcelona provokes the jealous of all the European cities, the temperatures always keep you to be outside.

The city is located in the northwest of Spain and connected to the world by all the transport ways. At the seaport, the travelers getting down and up of the boats that have traveled the sea by hours, days, weeks. From the air, can be arrived at Barcelona-El Prat International Airport. This is a point of reference between Europe and the rest of the world. Also is possible to get to the city by car, from others corners of Spain or from all over the European countries. The hardest part is when is time to say god bye to Barcelona.

At the subway you feel like immersed in a crowd of trains and travelers. When you get out to the surface, the surprise is to find beautiful urban landscapes and a lot of green areas. The mobility at the city is very sustainable, there are bicycles, eco-cars, and motorcycles, all together. The bike rails have a length of almost 200km that surround all the city.